Where the wild things are

February 18, 2010

Based on the homonym children’s picture book, written by the american writer Maurice Sendak, Where the wild things are its a kind of sociological study of the assumption of the lidership in a group.

It’s difficult to be a new one into a group, so it is harder to be The King in the group you’re adapting to. Max, the child who is been dressed up with a wolf costume, tried to adapt himself into the wild bunch. A bunch who is integrated by some kind of big jackass creatures designed by the great Jim Henson.

However, the approach is magnificent, but the resolution doesn’t fulfill us. There is a beginning with interesting brushstrokes, but it doesn`t led into a good resolution. What a pity. What a pity because the film has all the ingredients to be a good one: good music, cut, plot, script.. Above all, the idea of the social acceptation into a group is the leitmotiv of the intrigue. Max became a self-invested king and reigned correctly in an anarchy. And, at the end, the anarchy turned against him. Maybe the power insn’t a question of title. Is a question of action and results.


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